Kim Khardashian and the Value of National Position Statements/Stands

I’ve had enough. This dieting nonsense needs to stop.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian should use their status within society to promote healthy lifestyle habits and not to promote appetite suppressant lollipops. Instead, they are financially rewarded from companies by advertising their fake products and dangerous services to millions of followers.

Yet…”despite the criticism, more than a million people have liked her post, showing the extent of her influence, especially over her young female audience” (1).


There are millions of nutrition related articles online, thousands of books available through places like Amazon and hundreds of different dieting strategies that an individual can get caught up in.

I get it…it is confusing and much of the information is contradictory. You are left with more questions than answers.

Trusting a celebrities opinion within the two seconds it takes to scroll through and like their most recent picture makes it easy. But please – take these testimonials with a grain of salt.


There is a better, little known way to find condensed, accurate, science-tested dieting information online. Such information can be found through national association position stands or position statements. 

What is a position stand/position statement?

A position statement is a summary of the collection and sorting of hundreds or thousands of research experiments that national organizations publish about a specific topic. Expect the authors of position statements to comment on what works, what doesn’t work and mention future areas for research.

What are the importance of position statements?

Position statements summarize results obtained using real people over a large duration of time. They are grounded within science backed research. In essence, they are studies and research we can trust. They are not inaccurate testimonials from celebrities or best selling authors that tout the next miraculous food, supplement or wonder drug.

How do I read position statements? 

  1. Find a reputable national organization
  2. Type organization name followed by topic followed by position statement (e.g. American Heart Association fat position stand)
  3. Download PDF copy of position statement or view online
  4. Read the abstract (introduction) and summary
  5. If seriously interested in the topic- read the entire position statement. These can be a substantial read.

My top ”go to” organizations for position statements

  1. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  2. National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  3. International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)

In reading transparent, result backed experiments you are now informed of dieting habits and lifestyles. You’re free to make an informed decision regarding your health and are not just another…



View Nutrition Position Statements Here: 

American College of Sports Medicine (2016) Nutrition and Athletic Performance

International Society of Sports Nutrition (2017) Diets and Body Composition