Power, Speed & Endurance: Testing Protocols

We highly recommended completing the following five tests prior to starting the program. These five tests will be used initially as baseline measures and should be retested every four weeks. With the exception of the broad jump, the majority of tests do not require equipment.

By using a test–retest protocol, you can measure your power, speed and endurance progress throughout the year. The results will also be used to determine the needs for your next four week block of training.

Report results obtained within the five tests via the form below.

Power, Speed & Endurance Tests

1) Broad Jump

2) 120-yd Sprint

3) 300-yd Shuttle

4) 1 Mile

5) Push Up


Sample Testing Schedule

Tuesday: Broad Jump, Push Up, One Mile Run

Thursday: 120 yd Sprint, 300 yd Shuttle

 Rest 3-10 minutes between each test. You should be fully recovered and not out of breath prior to beginning the next test.

Broad Jump

The athlete will stand behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A two foot take-off and landing is used, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. The intent of the athlete should be to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards. Three attempts are allowed.

If the third jump is the highest attempt, allow the athlete to perform an additional jump. Record distance attained from the start line to the athlete’s finishing position (measure from the heel).

120-yd Sprint

The athlete should begin at the end-line of a soccer field. The athlete will then proceed to sprint the entire length of a soccer field, Record time to the nearest second.

If the end-lines of the field are in close proximity to fencing, a 100-yd sprint test should be used. The starting position will remain the same. However, the athlete will sprint to the opposite penalty area line. This will give the athlete 18 yards to slow down once he/she completes the sprint test.

Full recovery (3-5 minutes rest between reps) is advised. Perform 1-2 test reps.

300-yd Shuttle

The athlete will begin on the end-line of a soccer field. The athlete will proceed to sprint to the half way line (60-yards) and return to the starting position and immediately return to the half-way line. The test ends when the athlete reaches the half-way line for a third time.

1 Mile

The athlete will run one mile as fast as possible. This test can be performed on a 400 meter track or around the perimeter of a soccer field.

400m track = 4 laps

Soccer field: 4.5 laps

Push Up

Place a soccer cone on the ground. A successful push up is performed when an athlete’s chest touches the cone. Record total number of repetitions performed during the allotted time frame. Ensure the test can be standardized by using the same style push up on each test (modified, full push up or bench push up).

Ages 12-14: 30 seconds
Ages 15-20: 60 seconds